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Nate Ashley, Midfield, IMG Academy (Fla.)/Monsters, 2020

Ashley shined at 3d Blue Chip Midwest as an athletic, skilled righty attackman. He’s got a crafty stick and showed that with some slick dodging, using a toe drag effectively to scoot past an overextending defender. He showed a good understanding of cutting to space and used a slip pick effectively to help free up dodging teammates, working the two-man game as instructed. He also showed a hard shot and the ability to catch and finish, including inside in tight space. More obvious was that he was usually dodging with the intention of drawing a slide to then move the ball. He showed other good aspects of his game, fighting for a groundball and getting it out of traffic and through for the clear.


Congratulations Monsters!

Congratulations to the following  players  representing  our Monsters Team and Florida in some of the best tournaments in the country during this summer:
MJ McMahon and Nate Ashley for making the Brine National Team (MJ 2019 and Nate 2020 teams) representing Florida at the Brine National Lacrosse Classic in Virginia June 29-July 2.
Ashton Horiuchi made the Team Florida 2018 team and competed in the Gait Cup held last week.
Hunter Coakley made the Team Florida 2019 team and is competing in the Trilogy Lacrosse Providence, RI tournament July 18-19.
Ryan Sforzo, Tyler Horiuchi, Hayden Coakley, Jacob Wolf, and Stephen Markowski have made the Team Florida 2021 team competing in the Trilogy Lacrosse - Gettysburg Tournament July 11-12
Holden Coakley and  Carson Fuchs 2022made the Team Florida 2022 team and they are competing in the same Trilogy tournament in Gettysburg,
Luca Oneal Team Florida Gettysburg
Cody Chase Rockwell 2020 Providence Team Florida
Luca Dominguez, Conor O'Neill 2021 Team Florida for Trilogy Lacrosse Tournament Gettysburg
Cody Gross, Chase Banner, Connor Rockwell Team Florida 2020 (Middle School Team) Trilogy Lacrosse Providence RI tournament.